Friday, December 30, 2016


The Library is slowly being emptied of shelves, books, etc., as the Dragons prepare to move to the temporary Library space.  Soon – hopefully, very soon – work will begin on the Library building itself.

As for the L.A.C.F. sponsored Adrian Library Project – the Library is very close to its goal of $80,000!  So many people have contributed – and all of their names will be added to our future Wall of Honor.  You could add your name, too, by making a donation to the Library Project.

Would you help us reach our goal?  No donation is too small (unless you are very, very rich, then, of course, go crazy!).  For normally-financed humans, just a little can go a very long way….and we appreciate every donation!

Adrian is a small town of 1,234.  We are asking for donations from near and far.  Thanks!

You can donate in a number of ways:

Other ways to give:

Remember – checks should be made out to: L.A.C.F.:

Drop off payment at the Adrian Branch Library, the Adrian State Bank, or the State Bank of Lismore.

Mail payment to:  

Adrian Branch Library
214 Maine Avenue
PO Box 39
Adrian, MN   56110

Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

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