Friday, June 17, 2016


Guess what was waiting at the library for us this morning? A mysterious package from William Kent Krueger.  Thrilled to be thus surprised, the Dragons quickly tore through the packaging and unearthed some lovely treasures!


Isn’t this a wonderful coffee cup?  Before the Librarian could even begin to lay claim to it, the Dragons had gleefully commandeered it as their own.  After seeing their delight, what could a Librarian do but say, “enjoy your new mug?"!  (And it must be a “mug” because the Dragons are far too young for coffee . . .) 

The Dragons weren’t the only recipients of Mr. Krueger’s generous spirit.  The patrons of the Adrian Branch Library are going to be thrilled with these wonderful audio books, a gift from the author himself!

Thank you, Kent, so very very much!  You did not have to do this ~
your friendship is the best gift of all!  J

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