Friday, December 30, 2016


The Library is slowly being emptied of shelves, books, etc., as the Dragons prepare to move to the temporary Library space.  Soon – hopefully, very soon – work will begin on the Library building itself.

As for the L.A.C.F. sponsored Adrian Library Project – the Library is very close to its goal of $80,000!  So many people have contributed – and all of their names will be added to our future Wall of Honor.  You could add your name, too, by making a donation to the Library Project.

Would you help us reach our goal?  No donation is too small (unless you are very, very rich, then, of course, go crazy!).  For normally-financed humans, just a little can go a very long way….and we appreciate every donation!

Adrian is a small town of 1,234.  We are asking for donations from near and far.  Thanks!

You can donate in a number of ways:

Other ways to give:

Remember – checks should be made out to: L.A.C.F.:

Drop off payment at the Adrian Branch Library, the Adrian State Bank, or the State Bank of Lismore.

Mail payment to:  

Adrian Branch Library
214 Maine Avenue
PO Box 39
Adrian, MN   56110

Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

Friday, December 23, 2016

FUN AT THE LIBRARY! December 23, 2016

Maybe it’s the weather; maybe it’s the holiday season; or maybe the wait for work to begin at the library is taking its toll...whatever the reason, the Adrian Branch Library has a few activities going on that are a little on the unusual side.

It all began when my boss, Clint, had to remove a set of shelves at the library – which left six tall bolts exposed coming up through the flooring.  The bolts were too well-secured to twist out, and we lacked the basic tools to cut them to be level with the floor.  “Let’s cover the bolts with Styrofoam cups, right-side-up, over the bolts,” suggested Clint, “that way the bolts will come up through the cups, keeping them secure, while warning people to avoid walking there.”  That sounded like a perfect idea…but once the cups were in place, the floor started to take on the look of a game of ball pong.

We did what any responsible adults would do – we located some bouncy balls and tried our hand at seeing if we could bounce a ball into the cup.  Very quickly we had to come up with some rules:

1)  A point system (thank you, Clint) from 50 points to 10,000 points;
2)  A starting point;
3)  The player must begin by bouncing the ball off the floor.

We gave it a try.  Gotta admit, neither one of us was very good.  The thing about bouncy balls is, they are really bouncy!  “I think we need ping pong balls,” was my brilliant observation.  A few days later, I secured the necessary equipment.

That’s how Library Pong was born.

Clint and I gave it a try with the ping pong balls.  Clint, well, he was not good at it at all.  I had three balls go into cups, and promptly bounce right back out, knocking over the cups.  “We need to find a way to secure the cups so they don’t fall over,” suggested Mr. Boss. He accomplished that with nuts and washers, because he is that handy.

A civilian stopped by the library and managed to bounce a ball directly into the farthest-away-cup, worth 10,000 points… on his third try.  I’d like to say there was cheating involved, or that things just weren’t fair, but since it was my better half, there was nothing to do but watch the ball sink into the cup.  Argh!

So, just to let the public know, you can stop by the Adrian Branch Library and try your hand at Library Pong.  We will be rewarding those who manage to make the most points.  So far, someone else earned 100 points.  Are you up to the challenge?  Stop in and see how good you are.  Everyone gets three tries at a time.  Good Luck!

So, while that’s been going on, I realized that as we remove shelving, we have more floor space.  More empty space.  AND I have permanent markers….

Everyone is encouraged to stop by the library and sign their names.  Our first two signers were Ellia and Mikaiah.  Now it’s YOUR turn! Stop in and sign the floor.

Why?  Because it’s there (but not for long!).


MESSAGE:  We have less than $13,000 left to raise for our Library Fundraiser.  Won't you please consider giving a donation?  You can find out how at the fundraiser weblink:


Wednesday, December 14, 2016


The third Friday of each December is “National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.”  The Library Dragons are preparing for that day by making sure their ugly sweaters fit.  Looking good so far! 

Are YOU ready for Friday, December 16, 2016?  Get those sweaters out!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thursday, November 24, 2016

ANDER IN THE NEWS November 24, 2016

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I thought I would share this magazine cover with you.  Like his ancestors, Ander loves to sail the high seas!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


The Library Dragons were very excited by the $400 raised on November 17, 2016, during the Give-to-the-Max event.  Here they are checking out the fundraising website online to see where the donations are at:  $47,144.  So excited! Today the Nobles County Commissioners gave the approval for the final cost, and gave a green light on getting bids.

The Dragons did their happy dance!  The Dragons still believe that the $80,000 can be raised for the furnishings – the Dragons are ALWAYS optimistic!

You can donate in persona, by mail, or online.  For more information go to: