Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WE'RE BAAAAACK!!!! October 29, 2014

Cue the scary music!  After a summer fling in which the Library dragons were on the lam and evading capture, it appears that they are back – and back with a vengeance!  This time, the dragons made no pretense as to their identity. 

In fact, the dragons had the cheek to leave behind photos of their most recent caper!  And there was more than one surprise . . .

The dragons set their sights not on the Adrian Branch Library but on the library at the Adrian Elementary School!  That’s right – those dragons invaded the Elementary Library.  They played with the decorations, they made merry with the AR prizes, they hung out with Librarian Ms. Klaassen’s array of bears and cats, and they checked out the jack-o-lanterns.

When I say they “checked out the jack-o-lanterns,” I mean that literally.

When Ms. Klaassen arrived at the Elementary Library earlier this week it was to find two pumpkins missing, and photos on her computer (which, apparently, the dragons hacked) showing the criminals in action.

What nefarious plans do the dragons have afoot? (I’ve always wanted to use “afoot” in a sentence.) Their plans seem to involve jack-o-lanterns.  Will they be out-and-about on Halloween?  If so, will they be indulging in treats – or in tricks?

Police Chief Shawn Langseth reviewed the evidence and had this to say:  “The dragons have become rather bold.  Their careless egos could be their downfall.  The dragons’ days of wandering about loose are numbered!”