Tuesday, May 20, 2014


It was a slip-up of epic proportions.  The perpetrators responsible for the ongoing crime spree at the Adrian Branch Library made an error that we hope will lead to their apprehension.  Last week, Chief Langseth discovered a mobile telephone in the library.  For a week, the Chief analyzed the phone.  For hours he worked at cracking the code to unlock the phone.

Mission accomplished!

Chief Langseth, after cracking the code (411Dr@g0n5!), was able to access a number of photographs – hundreds, to be frank.  Not only were the perpetrators guilty of the crimes, they made a detailed photographic record of each and every crime that they committed at the Adrian Branch Library since January of this year.

Not surprisingly, the very first photo found by the Chief was a group selfie – boldly snapped in the Library itself.

What was surprising is that the perpetrators are not human!  The selfie proved – as did all the crime photos – that DRAGONS are responsible for each and every crime at the Adrian Branch Library. 

That’s right:  DRAGONS! 

From pouring baby powder all over the Library, to sailing a pirate ship down the center hallway, to driving motorcycles past the reference section   . . . it seems that nothing was too nefarious for those dragons to try.  The dragons also made themselves at home at the Library – they watched movies, including “The Reluctant Dragon;” they had pillow fights; they jousted by the castle.  Photo after photo showed one heinous act after another.


In a forum at the Adrian Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon, Chief Langseth was present while photos of the perpetrators were shown to the audience.  The Chief reluctantly admitted that although the perps had been identified, they had not as of yet been apprehended.

It seems that the perps are on the lam!

The Chief is asking for any and all to assist in finding – and apprehending – the perpetrators.  Where will the dragons go? Where can they hide?  What will be their next move?

If you have any idea as to where the perpetrators can be found, please contact the Adrian Branch Library:  507 483-2541;  mvaselaar@plumcreeklibrary.net  .  We will continue to add crime photos to this blog, in hopes it will help to catch the perpetrators.  Your help is greatly appreciated.