Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Curiosity.  That was uppermost in the Librarian’s mind this Monday when she opened the Adrian Branch Library.  What would be found next?  Would the new mess outdo last week’s travesty?  Would this week’s crime lend clues as to the identities of the perpetrators?  Curiosity outweighed apprehension for our Librarian as she stepped inside the small, one-room Library.  And in true literary fashion, our Librarian thought that things had gotten “curiouser and curiouser.”

Knitting needles.  Yes, what the Librarian found at the base of the Library castle was indeed curious – a handful of knitting needles and yarn amidst books on all things Medieval (castles and knights and jousting, etc.).  The knitting needles had not been idle, for also found was something made out of yarn.  As our diligent Chief of Police Shawn Langseth surveyed the scene, he picked up the knitted item and held it up to scrutinize.  The item baffled both the Law and the Librarian.

Our Chief then kneeled on the floor and knocked his knuckle on the castle walls, in search of more clues.  The knocking lead to naught, so he knew he must delve further.  Was the knitted item a knockoff of something? Would anyone know what the items meant?  As he knattered to himself, he wondered why the unknown nuisances would naffer about in a Library?  Nothing made sense. 

Knitting began first with knotting.  But what does knotting have to do with knaves and knights? Or is the hint in the needles, which were necessary for the knitting of the yarn?  And although knaves and knights might know about knots, were they also knowledgeable about knitting? Would not knives have been more apropos than needles?  The Chief left, his knapsack filled with evidence, but nary an idea as to the connection between the knickknacks.

This is quite the knotty dilemma, don’t you think?

(Note:  As always, the Adrian Branch Library continues to collect the names of suspects.  If you have an idea as to the identity of the perpetrators, please email the Librarian.  A list of suspects will be posted in the future.  Email:  mvaselaar@plumcreeklibrary.net )