Tuesday, April 29, 2014

AS WHITE AS SNOW? April 28, 2014

Once upon a time there was a little library in a little town.  The little library was happy, because its patrons were happy checking out little books and little movies.  Then, one day, the little library became the site of a little crime spree . . .

The last little crime spree at the little Adrian Branch Library had a bit of a softer touch to it.  “Soft” as in “powder soft.”  This is not a riddle – it really was powder soft, with snowdrifts of powder all over the Library reading table.  There were footprints, as well as a little bottle, and a little rattle.  All covered in a little powder.

Surely the perpetrators could not be babies? infants? bambinos?  How would that be possible?  Babies cannot open doors, or strew eggs on shelves, or knit.  And most certainly a baby could not cover a table with a layer of talcum powder – could it? Is it a sign of Peter Pan’s influence?

Chief of Police Shawn Langseth was as perplexed as he was puzzled.  “Powder?” he pondered.  “What possible significance could powder have with our perpetrators?”  The powerful Police Chief paused to reflect, “possibly this powder is a mere pittance of a clue.”

From a practical perspective, should our Police Chief be proactive and produce a trap that will prove providential in apprehending the provincial perps?  Or are his suppositions merely parenthetical? And is that just pandering to the alliterative pathos of a reporter run amok?

In other words – the clues are: powder, bottles, rattles . . . run with it, people!