Monday, February 10, 2014

BOOK BOGLES ARE BACK! February 3, 2014


The excitement of last week’s encyclopedia/cookie mystery had just died down, when Librarian Meredith Vaselaar discovered on Monday that another mystery incident had occurred at the Adrian Branch Library.

“I double checked the library on Saturday after closing, to make sure that everything was in its place,” says Vaselaar, “but when I walked into the library on Monday morning, I found a small pile of books at the bottom of the slide!”  Vaselaar immediately contacted Chief of Police Shawn Langseth.

Chief Langseth was quick to respond and, with a keen eye, surveyed the scene.  He secured the area, and then dusted the slide and books for fingerprints.  Just as with the incident from last week, no usable prints were found.  “The perpetrator(s), once again, used books for their materials of choice,” Langseth observed, “the crime differs (from the previous crime) in that no cookies were involved.” 

With no known identity, could the culprits be bogles?  A bogle is an unknown entity, real or imagined, prone to being annoying.  At the very least, whatever or whomever is making its way into the library and creating biblio-chaos, it/they are certainly being annoying!  The bogles (or whatever they are) seemed to have had a good time, using the slide for mischief!  Why, oh why, can’t they clean up after themselves?!

Clearly, last week’s crime was not an isolated event.  With another incident perpetrated this week, Chief Langseth is speculating that there could be more.  For the moment, the library staff is keeping their eyes open for anything suspicious.  The public is encouraged to come into the library if they have any ideas or leads.  Should these unexplained incidents continue, there will be a reward for the first person to correctly identify the perpetrator(s). 

It is winter in Minnesota, and this winter seems to be unending.  Everyone seems to be getting a bit restless.  What better way to spend the cold days than to speculate as to what kind of shenanigans are taking place at the library?